Final Fantasy XIV – October Update

So most of this month has been spent levelling my Bard, which as of yesterday is now finished. The only thing from Heavensward I have left to do now is finish the Bard Anima, which with the increased light values should be fairly quick now.

I have also completed the Main Quest stuff for the newly released 4.1, the new dungeon was quick and clean which seems to be the way it goes at the moment. All in the interest of getting through quickly and easily.

I can honestly say I enjoyed the StormBlood story and look forward to seeing where it goes, though I do wonder about Lyse’ place as she suddenly seems to be nothing more than eye candy for the male player base. She seems to have lost the strength of character that a leader needs in order to lead Ala Mihgo, hopefully they will correct this quickly enough before the only option is to let Raubahn become King of Ala Mihgo. It’s also been good to see them start tying up loose ends from as far back as A Realm Reborn and the whole Crystal Braves travesty.

I’ve spent a good chunk of last month cleaning up a few bits, which has been nice though I did manage to pull off downing Lakshmi Extreme with our FC as a Healer no less! Honestly not sure if it’s because that fight is super healer or I’m actually becoming a half decent healer nowadays! Then I completed all of StormBlood as a healer so there is that.

Yesterday I had to change tactics a little and pull out my Summoner to finish the 4.1, which ironically I had issues with the final fight in the Summoner quest chain too, ended up having to wait and level my Summoner gear to pull it off. Really need to finish the Bard quests as well now.

So my plan next is to finish up new content from the 4.1 patch, then I think I fancy taking a run with the new Red Mage class, looks kind of all the worlds of fun. I have dipped my toe with that class but mostly stayed to levelling Scholar and Bard classes. Then I need to get all my 60’s to 70 and then bring as many other classes to 70 as I can before 5.0 in a couple of years. Of course I need to start getting Creation gear too but I haven’t managed to cap Creation once since the Expansion I’ve been very lazy in that respect. Anyways that’s pretty much it for this month, I’ve streamed a whole bunch of this over on Twitch as part of the Twitch Kittens Community of late so be sure to check out that to keep upto date on the fly. And I’ll be back here soon with a new update.



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