Final Fantasy XIV – February Update

Holy cow! So this month has been SUPER busy I had to start writing this ahead of time. I’ve made huge leaps in terms of progress, though it’s mostly older content clean I’ve been doing. (At least before I got distracted with Dead Rising 4). I did however get my Tanking feet very wet while grabbing the achievement for the Tank Relic (Yes those damn things again!). Technically, it was before that with farming Garuda to grab NIGHTMARE the final pony I needed and after three LONG years, I finally have the damn thing! Which now means I have all the Extreme Primal Ponies from A Realm Reborn, next will be the Birds from Heavensward.

I still suck at tanking like real bad, couldn’t hold aggro against Garuda, though I suspect a level 53 vs several level 60’s or above I was in for trouble anyways! In the end I switched out to my relax class which seems to have become Summoner. I still main Scholar of course and will continue to do new content as a Scholar, but when I don’t need the pressure, or am in no particular rush, I tend to favour Summoner. The long DPS queues can often allow me to do other things, such as levelling crafting and gathering classes.

I also Tanked through Amdapor Keep, which in itself is a major step away as the only other dungeon I’ve ever done is Sastasha and well that’s not really hard! No one died so there’s that, took a little longer than normal but I wasn’t pulling big groups, I doubt I even could. I need to figure how to manage HP before I start trying to be a hero.

I also for some reason beyond my own comprehension decided to do the Kettle to the Metal quest, a variation of the Relic Quest from A Realm Reborn, so a time sink of around 3 hours later (I pretty much just used poetics and farmed the Mysterious Maps for Alexandrite), and I earn myself an outdoor Housing item! Well at least I can brew my guests a cup of tea now. I think truthfully I just wanted the in game achievement? I have also kind of started working on the Tank Mount as well. So lots of miscellaneous progress there.

So what beyond that, erm, well Armourer and Blacksmith are both level 45 now so they are the final two Disciple of the Hands below 50. Not really sure how my crafting and gathering classes all ended up at 50 before my combat classes but there you have it. Botanist is now above 53. And Fisher has as of yesterday finally hit 60, it’s actually surprising how quick you can level Fisher under the right conditions especially with boost of upto 200% exp! I’ve seen HQ fish yield as much as 50k exp in a single go.

With the Fishing I was also able to do the Beast of Brewers Beacon Quest and net another achievement. Seems I’m rapidly wrapping a few of these up this month! Meaning a lot of this month was spent wrapping up achievement based quests, and working toward various bits and pieces, like my gear upgrades, capping Mendacity every week can be a chore! Speaking of which I also finished the Zhloe chain as well and was able to move onto M’Naago’s custom delivery chain. Not nearly as simple as Zhloe’s!

As I said I kinda got waylaid late in February after I picked up Dead Rising 4 in the PSN sale, but I’ve still been working things through. I’ve also been tracking the stuff I sell in the market. After dropping 16 million gil on a new house I wondered how I could make it back and in what kind of time frame. So far I recouped around 3 million, though ended up spending a fair bit to gear up my Fisher.

Flax, Cedar Logs, Rainbow Cotton Bolls, and Mythril Ore have been my regular farms for easy and quick money. Fleece also sells really well. Glamour Prisms did well after 4.2 dropped but quickly saturated the market and lost any real value, 1500 gil to around 400 within a few hours. I built a small program using access to allow me to track profit and losses and what those were, though it doesn’t include teleport fees.

So with 4.25 on the horizon I can focus on the new Hildabrand though I pray there is more than last time, that was kind of disappointing. And hopefully the new weapons? Where are they anyways kinda SUPER late for their arrival? Still the rest of the month will be spent gearing up my classes and levelling crafting and gathering.


Final Fantasy XIV: Patch 4.2 And The Immediate Future

So it hasn’t been that long since I did an update but I was kinda stuck in the mud, however the biggest news I have is that after the 4.2 update housing released I was able to grab a Medium sized house. Something I’ve wanted for a while, of course originally I wanted a large but well I couldn’t afford that at the time so now I have to just sort of work with what I have.

It cost me 16.5 million gil all being said after a 30% rebate from my old house, shame to give that one up quite honestly but the sacrifice for a larger one is ultimately in my eyes worth it. Admittedly I wish I would have had more and got the Mansion but hopefully in time they will add more housing and that dream will come through as well.

So I spent almost 5 hours arranging the furniture I had, buying a couple more pieces I didn’t like the moogle post box. I now have almost all amenities at the house or very close by, ironically my house is in the same place just across the path from where my old one was on the other ward.

Ward 13, Plot 14 will serve as home to Elcarus family for the moment. And of course anyone on the Lamia server is free to visit and use those facilities as well, what can I say I’m a nice guy and the Elcarus home was always a place of sharing, and a light to those in need of a home.

I love the 3 floor layout as well, my basement serves as my store holdings and of course the hot tub resides here. The second floor an office and living area then upstairs a library and secondary office space with meeting room. I paid out for a flashing ice looking chandelier.

I have also managed to clear through the 4.2 story so now there’s that as well, trust me being force to take a week off sucked, and likely contributed to screwing up my housing plans. I just wish I could make money like the real crafters do! Still it’s another aspect I need to learn at some point and crack the relevant crafting rotations. It’s all in the future though, right now I could just use a semi fast and efficient method for farming gil. This would make my life a little easier, but such is the way with these things.

Of course in theory if I could amass another 26 million before they open up housing then in theory I might be able to afford a mansion fairly soon, this of course is incredibly unlikely as I suspect the large houses have already gone now. So now I decorate and I enjoy the house I have until they open up new wards and I can again hope for the next house in the chain. This is the ultimate aim and has been since the very beginning when they originally added housing. Happily the house hoarding counter measures seem to have worked as intended, as people are forced to stick to a single FC and single personal house per account, or per server I’ve yet to work that one out. Also during the last week I have levelled Fisher to 49, Botanist to 50 and ARM and BSM are both 46, so those will be the last DoH/L classes to level to 50. This will then leave only 5 classes below 50 all being combat classes. My next focused task will be getting Paladin to 60 so I can finally obtain my Mentor status and access to the Mentor Roulette.


Final Fantasy XIV January Update


So not really much to say but due to an issue with me losing my controller my Final Fantasy XIV progress is on hold 😦 Which seriously bites with so much new content just arriving!

I have however managed to make progress on several of the crafting and gathering classes, what else am I to do while I only have access to the base game? Though I wonder how you PC players are able to play so well? It actually hurts my brain trying to play on PC.

My goals this month are fairly short term and depend mostly upon the new housing on Tuesday, I’m hoping to be able to finally nab my Medium house! So it’s mostly been idling and saving for the patch and the housing. I now sit at about 19.5 million which should net me the Medium. With the new changes to the way it works I’m hoping it’ll pay off, I have had my eyes on this since 4.1!!!

So the plan until I can get back to the full game is to level classes below 50, specifically my crafting classes, and of course pick up the Valentines day seasonal event, another nice quick task that yields some XP.

I’ve also played a fair bit of Triple Triad over the last few days trying to net some of those rarer cards, and of course the MGP rewards to help push me toward the Mounts available at the Gold Saucer. It is far from what I want to be doing but at least it’s forcing me to clean up older content if nothing else.

Final Fantasy XIV December Update

Hmm been a while since I did one of these, not because I haven’t done anything, quite the opposite actually I started a brand new run on Jenova server and have just hit Kugane, which is part of the StormBlood line, unlocked swimming and taken out Susano the first primal.

This started out as a personal challenge, the reason being that playing for the game for 3 years I decided to see if I can do the whole game as my primary class, so I began as Arcanist and of course then converted to Scholar. Going into to StormBlood kind of finishes that quest as I have now technically done all content as a healer but I plan to finish Stormblood again so that I can hop onto that server when I want to be on my own so to speak.

I wont be doing things like the weapons and grinding tomes for weeks on end that will be saved for my main character on Lamia, speaking of which today I finally hit Floor 100 on Palace of the Dead so that’s another thing done. I’m still tucking away gil trying to save for a new bigger house when the new update arrives in January.

I love my house, honestly I do but I would love a bigger one, a medium would be nice and Mansion amazing. I’m not expecting a mansion but I do hope to nab a medium when the new housing goes live. I have now grabbed a few pieces of Creation gear though at this point grinding for it is almost pointless as the new tomes release with 4.2.

A few more bits and pieces release with 4.2 I like the look of the new glamour system being one of them, finally clean up a tonne of inventory space and perhaps no longer require that third retainer, we are also getting another 70 inventory slots called “Chocobo Bags” so that will also help.

New Projects & More

So been a while since I simply talked, and updated you guys on what I’m up to, so here we are first of all I am focusing for a little while on reaching affiliate status on Twitch. I really want to get that off the ground and doing well, mostly I still stream Final Fantasy XIV.

Though I will do other games on Fridays, I have been talking to a lot of good people who have really helped boost my confidence and as such I now have added voice audio to streams, it’s a start and a step in the right direction.

The software I now use is a new one in the playing field, I find it much easier than OBS to use, and XSplit was my go to software but needing the Pro version wasn’t helping matters. So the software is called Bebo, built by a great all round team, their customer support is second to none in my book, they helped me no end when my connection was crappy. In the end I had to upgrade my connection to sort the low upload speeds, but that was my end not theirs. Recently I hit 3000 minutes streamed using the platform and have joined their alpha platform. Honestly they are a great team and the software is insanely easy to set up and get going.

The software is clean, simple to use and has a very solid plan of where they are going in the future. The systems are fixed, torn apart and rebuilt almost every few days. We receive constant updates to the platform and they are always active in talking with their own users via discord. Definitely worth checking out for someone looking for a more simply streaming solution.

Second up is the next big project a full replay of Final Fantasy XIV, with a focus on a more current approach, a lot of the video guides are outdate now as the game has changed so much since 2.0. Each video will be around an hour, and I will mark each dungeon in each description. This is going to take a while though as you can imagine there are 3 expansions to work through each one around 60 hours each. And that’s not including patches 2.1 to 2.55 and 3.1 to 3.55. I will then add other videos either by request to cover other content such as Crystal Tower, Palace of the Dead and such.


Final Fantasy XIV – October Update

So most of this month has been spent levelling my Bard, which as of yesterday is now finished. The only thing from Heavensward I have left to do now is finish the Bard Anima, which with the increased light values should be fairly quick now.

I have also completed the Main Quest stuff for the newly released 4.1, the new dungeon was quick and clean which seems to be the way it goes at the moment. All in the interest of getting through quickly and easily.

I can honestly say I enjoyed the StormBlood story and look forward to seeing where it goes, though I do wonder about Lyse’ place as she suddenly seems to be nothing more than eye candy for the male player base. She seems to have lost the strength of character that a leader needs in order to lead Ala Mihgo, hopefully they will correct this quickly enough before the only option is to let Raubahn become King of Ala Mihgo. It’s also been good to see them start tying up loose ends from as far back as A Realm Reborn and the whole Crystal Braves travesty.

I’ve spent a good chunk of last month cleaning up a few bits, which has been nice though I did manage to pull off downing Lakshmi Extreme with our FC as a Healer no less! Honestly not sure if it’s because that fight is super healer or I’m actually becoming a half decent healer nowadays! Then I completed all of StormBlood as a healer so there is that.

Yesterday I had to change tactics a little and pull out my Summoner to finish the 4.1, which ironically I had issues with the final fight in the Summoner quest chain too, ended up having to wait and level my Summoner gear to pull it off. Really need to finish the Bard quests as well now.

So my plan next is to finish up new content from the 4.1 patch, then I think I fancy taking a run with the new Red Mage class, looks kind of all the worlds of fun. I have dipped my toe with that class but mostly stayed to levelling Scholar and Bard classes. Then I need to get all my 60’s to 70 and then bring as many other classes to 70 as I can before 5.0 in a couple of years. Of course I need to start getting Creation gear too but I haven’t managed to cap Creation once since the Expansion I’ve been very lazy in that respect. Anyways that’s pretty much it for this month, I’ve streamed a whole bunch of this over on Twitch as part of the Twitch Kittens Community of late so be sure to check out that to keep upto date on the fly. And I’ll be back here soon with a new update.


Final Fantasy XIV – September Update

So it’s been a while since I did this, or even put in an appearance here, sorry for that! Been busy with School Holidays, moving house and generally not having time to focus on a single game. I did get a chunk of Skyrim and Horizon Zero Dawn done though!

Anyway I have since completed Stormblood, and perhaps more importantly I did the entire expansion main chain as Scholar! No more hiding behind Bard and then wimping through as SCH, I manned up and I made it through. Even after the expansions bad launch period, (allegedly more to do with a DDoS attack than server issues?) I was one of the first few into Kugane on Lamaia and subsequent dungeons. I did take a short period away to let people catch up before going back to finally finish up.

I’ve also done Omega v1 to 4, so in terms of content that matters everything that needs to be done is done. Which means I can happily await the arrival of 4.1 in a few weeks time. The new 24 man Return to Ivalice should prove a blast.

So now I’m levelling Bard just because it is my first class and not taking it to the cap seems somehow wrong to me, I also need to finish the Summoner quest chain, which quite frankly is bloody outright evil! I’m also finishing the Bard Anima, having a half completed one was kind doing my head in somewhat, almost taunting me. Almost there just the horrific light grind to finish (9 runs of at least 100 done).