New Projects & More

So been a while since I simply talked, and updated you guys on what I’m up to, so here we are first of all I am focusing for a little while on reaching affiliate status on Twitch. I really want to get that off the ground and doing well, mostly I still stream Final Fantasy XIV.

Though I will do other games on Fridays, I have been talking to a lot of good people who have really helped boost my confidence and as such I now have added voice audio to streams, it’s a start and a step in the right direction.

The software I now use is a new one in the playing field, I find it much easier than OBS to use, and XSplit was my go to software but needing the Pro version wasn’t helping matters. So the software is called Bebo, built by a great all round team, their customer support is second to none in my book, they helped me no end when my connection was crappy. In the end I had to upgrade my connection to sort the low upload speeds, but that was my end not theirs. Recently I hit 3000 minutes streamed using the platform and have joined their alpha platform. Honestly they are a great team and the software is insanely easy to set up and get going.

The software is clean, simple to use and has a very solid plan of where they are going in the future. The systems are fixed, torn apart and rebuilt almost every few days. We receive constant updates to the platform and they are always active in talking with their own users via discord. Definitely worth checking out for someone looking for a more simply streaming solution.

Second up is the next big project a full replay of Final Fantasy XIV, with a focus on a more current approach, a lot of the video guides are outdate now as the game has changed so much since 2.0. Each video will be around an hour, and I will mark each dungeon in each description. This is going to take a while though as you can imagine there are 3 expansions to work through each one around 60 hours each. And that’s not including patches 2.1 to 2.55 and 3.1 to 3.55. I will then add other videos either by request to cover other content such as Crystal Tower, Palace of the Dead and such.



Final Fantasy XIV – October Update

So most of this month has been spent levelling my Bard, which as of yesterday is now finished. The only thing from Heavensward I have left to do now is finish the Bard Anima, which with the increased light values should be fairly quick now.

I have also completed the Main Quest stuff for the newly released 4.1, the new dungeon was quick and clean which seems to be the way it goes at the moment. All in the interest of getting through quickly and easily.

I can honestly say I enjoyed the StormBlood story and look forward to seeing where it goes, though I do wonder about Lyse’ place as she suddenly seems to be nothing more than eye candy for the male player base. She seems to have lost the strength of character that a leader needs in order to lead Ala Mihgo, hopefully they will correct this quickly enough before the only option is to let Raubahn become King of Ala Mihgo. It’s also been good to see them start tying up loose ends from as far back as A Realm Reborn and the whole Crystal Braves travesty.

I’ve spent a good chunk of last month cleaning up a few bits, which has been nice though I did manage to pull off downing Lakshmi Extreme with our FC as a Healer no less! Honestly not sure if it’s because that fight is super healer or I’m actually becoming a half decent healer nowadays! Then I completed all of StormBlood as a healer so there is that.

Yesterday I had to change tactics a little and pull out my Summoner to finish the 4.1, which ironically I had issues with the final fight in the Summoner quest chain too, ended up having to wait and level my Summoner gear to pull it off. Really need to finish the Bard quests as well now.

So my plan next is to finish up new content from the 4.1 patch, then I think I fancy taking a run with the new Red Mage class, looks kind of all the worlds of fun. I have dipped my toe with that class but mostly stayed to levelling Scholar and Bard classes. Then I need to get all my 60’s to 70 and then bring as many other classes to 70 as I can before 5.0 in a couple of years. Of course I need to start getting Creation gear too but I haven’t managed to cap Creation once since the Expansion I’ve been very lazy in that respect. Anyways that’s pretty much it for this month, I’ve streamed a whole bunch of this over on Twitch as part of the Twitch Kittens Community of late so be sure to check out that to keep upto date on the fly. And I’ll be back here soon with a new update.


Final Fantasy XIV – September Update

So it’s been a while since I did this, or even put in an appearance here, sorry for that! Been busy with School Holidays, moving house and generally not having time to focus on a single game. I did get a chunk of Skyrim and Horizon Zero Dawn done though!

Anyway I have since completed Stormblood, and perhaps more importantly I did the entire expansion main chain as Scholar! No more hiding behind Bard and then wimping through as SCH, I manned up and I made it through. Even after the expansions bad launch period, (allegedly more to do with a DDoS attack than server issues?) I was one of the first few into Kugane on Lamaia and subsequent dungeons. I did take a short period away to let people catch up before going back to finally finish up.

I’ve also done Omega v1 to 4, so in terms of content that matters everything that needs to be done is done. Which means I can happily await the arrival of 4.1 in a few weeks time. The new 24 man Return to Ivalice should prove a blast.

So now I’m levelling Bard just because it is my first class and not taking it to the cap seems somehow wrong to me, I also need to finish the Summoner quest chain, which quite frankly is bloody outright evil! I’m also finishing the Bard Anima, having a half completed one was kind doing my head in somewhat, almost taunting me. Almost there just the horrific light grind to finish (9 runs of at least 100 done).

Final Fantasy XIV – July Update

So Stormblood has been out for a couple of weeks now, and surprisingly I’m not through it yet. Too many things distracting me! But I have made progress, StormBlood still being fairly new I’m going to keep this as spoiler free as possible. The games early release issues seem to have settled down, and the now empty later areas are beginning to fill with new players as we make progress through the game. I’ve seen the new areas and admittedly am rather fond of Kugane.

So I have made progress, and have continued to main Scholar, rather than my usual course of do content as Bard then follow with SCH once I find the confidence. I am going to complete StormBloods main scenario as Scholar to the very end. So as a result Scholar is the only class that has made any progress, now a happy level 67.

Once Main Scenario is done I will begin getting the rest of my level 60’s up to the new level 70 cap. Hopefully by the time the next expansion arrives in a couple of years I’ll have a few more level 70’s. The games combat changes have actually made things much easier for me and have allowed me to be an effective healer for the most part. Having been one of the early groups to get through Susano that was a fun fight playing blind I can tell you. Lakshmi is up next though I seem to have hit a snag where the game is updating constantly whenever I shut the game down.

I have also unlocked flight in a few of the new areas and it is surprising how much that luxury is missed when you can’t fly! I think we get spoiled in that regard, but the new ability to swim adds another layer that just takes your breath away at times, the new underwater areas are in truth amazing. So while progress is steady and slow, there is a lot to take in and sometimes just taking the scenery in is a wonder of its own. I am making progress I guess around 2/3 of the way through the new Main Scenario so I should be able to tie that up in the coming days, and hopefully before patch 4.01 hits on Tuesday.


StormBlood Early Access & Thoughts

It’s been an absolute train wreck!!

Nah I’m kidding while it has been hard at times, two early instanced fights caused absolute mayhem on the servers. But it’s not like we’ve had nothing to do, been able to check out the new classes has been great. I like RDM, the damage output is crazy. Though Samurai isn’t too shabby either. Personally though I’ve been mostly SCH of course this was always intended to be my main class moving forward. And so far I’ve done well, the new combat changes have made things easier for me. Moving several second bar skills to the front allowing me to execute them with easier speed and precision.

Been able to all out Broil enemies to death is also seriously fun but it is causing me MP management issues I’m having to work out as I go now.

So yesterday afternoon I was finally able to proceed past what has been lovingly referred as Pipin Extreme! And make my way through the game, passing through Kugane and further to begin plotting the downfall of the Garlean Empire. I have to say though watching my poor Warrior of Light get her ass handed to her by Zenos was actually heartbreaking to watch, but mark my words I WILL have my revenge!

The underwater areas are honestly mind blowing, as is Kugane, they have definitely stepped up the feeling in this game, the story is as good as ever and has you wanting more, I have been itching to get back to things since logging off last night, but I wanted to come share my thoughts first. The inventory expansion is actually almost an after thought, since getting a 3rd retainer I have been far more in control. But the best part was heading into Susano last night 4 of us all new and without having a clue figuring the fight out and getting it done, that level of satisfaction I honestly haven’t felt since I put down Binding the Coils Turn 5 a couple of years ago. I am actually eagerly awaiting going after Susano Extreme once I’m through the story. 

So today I plan to continue on and see what else lays ahead for us, having kicked the Garleans out of one of the islands. It will of course down to us as the Warriors of Light to end this oppression and send the Garleans packing once and for all. But we’re a ways off from that for the moment, at level 63 I am yet to pick up gear which exceeds my full i270 kit or my nice fully powered Anima. I have however been able to make some progress on my second Anima with materials being significantly nerfed in price! I believe finishing that second weapon wont be a problem in the long run and I may even finish before the new ones arrive on that we shall see.

So yes while it started out a horrid mess with 80% of us gated by instance failures, moving past them has been a reward in its own right. I will update either this post or another in a week or two when I do my regular play update. I also created a clean character on the EU Omega Server and got her to level 30 claiming a free 15 days of game time and 1 million in gil!

Ready for StormBlood

This is when it all started for me, with my ordering of the Collectors Edition of Final Fantasy XIV StormBlood. And slowly I’ve had to watch the clock tick down, which has been murder! But that’s OK because I’ve actually been busy these last few weeks, and will likely continue to be once StormBlood releases. I still plan to finish my second Anima, as well as of course make my way through StormBlood.

You can keep your eye on my Twitch Channel, as I’ll be streaming plenty once the game is back up tomorrow. And through StormBlood as I think that’ll be good for people to watch. Might even get access to Bits for the channel we shall see. So what have I been doing? Well I returned to Phoenix for the last couple of weeks, and forgot how painstaking levelling Arcanist and the Scholar is. Though I do feel more comfortable playing as Scholar now. This will likely be my go to class for StormBlood, adding two new DPS classes is going to make DPS queues suck worse than normal. Though on Phoenix I still have a long way to go to get to StormBlood, I’ve still not moved any further through Heavensward than I was two years ago when I left the server to head to Lamia.

It doesn’t reflect half the work I put into my character on Lamia over the last two years but it is a little progress none the less, even if the biggest part was gaining a full Battle Mage set. My plan going forward will likely be doing at least one day a week over on Phoenix and the rest full time with my primary on Lamia.  Primary goal of course is experiencing StormBlood, why would I not?

The rest of my time has been split between completing Fallout 4, collecting 3 Plat trophies in 3 weeks (Walking Dead Season 1, Walking Dead A New Frontier and Final Fantasy VII [PS4]). As well as a little Assassins Creed Syndicate, which may just be my favourite Assassins Creed so far. And Sleeping Dogs, lots of Japanese lore and violence and fun to be had there. So kind of in an idle pattern for the moment until the the expansion and as the servers are down I can retarget my efforts for the next 24 hours.

So that being said my first job of course will be to head into StormBlood, and start the Main Quest, the next month is a staggered release of content for StormBlood, all these details were released in the Live Letter. I also have to adjust 4 years of muscle memory to adjust to the new actions and skills we are getting with the combat system update. Which will see a rocky week or two for most of the player base. But of course new content is welcome and it looks like we’ll be getting new mechanics and combat systems to adjust to so StormBlood will be a welcome change of pace, need I say swimming? And updated Costa Del Sol? I honestly cant wait for the next 24 hours to pass.

Then of course comes the task of taking all my level 60 characters to level 70 (oh boy), and then if I can get a Tank class to 70 before the next expansion I will be a very happy man. Though I do have 2 years to do it! Only 30 levels to grind out though right? We should be getting new beast tribes too so the 60 – 70 grind is handled there, and of course I need to finish Dragoon, which is a decent way through too. I wouldn’t say I’ve done much beyond that, of course I have uploaded a whole bunch more shorts to Elcarus Mansion. Almost hit the 100 post marker, and the coming war will finally draw to a conclusion. After that we have opened the world, brought in a bunch of new characters. All these updates will be going live soon after the stories hit.



Final Fantasy XIV – May 2017 Update

Holy crap it’s been a while?! Like A LONG time, honestly haven’t played much until the last couple of weeks, which has put me in good position ready for the new Expansion StormBlood coming in June. Personally I’m already pre-ordered and paid ready to go the moment Early Access is available.

So what have I been doing, well finishing up my Anima, the SCH version is now i275 and completed, me being me decided I have to go finish the Bard one I started back when the weapons first released. I have also finished grabbing a full set of Scripture Gear for SCH one more round of upgrades and that will all be i270 as well.

The Anima took 104 runs of Alexander Savage as my final major grind, but seeing how it is now stupidly easy I can recommend this method as the best for doing this stage. I also finally broke and wound up buying only my second piece of gear from the cash store, the Lightening Gear from the original Final Fantasy XIII cross over event. I am a sucker for glamour what can I say. 

So I don’t like the SCH weapon if I’m honest the 2wings” make it look kind of lame, I preferred the version before which had animated pieces that slid into place. The costume is awesome though. I have also tied up Second Coil of Bahamut – Turn 1 (T6) Savage and Turn 8 Savage as well, something else off of the back log.

It’s been a steady month, without huge progress and yet plenty, Miner is now level 60, and Dragoon has hit a nice level 56, hopefully 60 before the expansion. I have also got my house, pretty sure I mentioned that before though. A steady stream of Roulettes, Beast Tribe content and non forced grinding to finish the second weapon, with 42 days I recon I can finish or near clear the second Anima for Bard. It’s not essential as my Bard has the Alexander i260 Bow, I can push to 270 if needed, but for the moment I play more SCH than I do Bard so it’s not really essential at this point.

I can say I’m looking forward to the expansion, hard to believe it’s been two years since Heavensward. And we’ve seen a lot, I also started and alt and all of a sudden a lot of stuff I’d forgotten now makes so much more sense, mentions of Omega, and Ala Mihgo and much more shows how the game was always built ready to evolve and move forward. So here’s to the future and of course my continued love of this game.